Destination Wedding in Antigua, Guatemala

Destination Wedding in Antigua, Guatemala:  Andrea + Andrew

I’m dreaming that my last wedding of 2014 was an incredible destination wedding in Central America with a beautiful couple that I photographed in collaboration with my very good friend from Mexico Daniel Diaz who is like a brother to me (click his name to see his blog post of the same wedding). In particular I was in Antigua, Guatemala which appeared to be frozen in time as it retained its cobblestone streets, its Spanish Baroque architecture, and its beautifully maintained historical ruins.  Intertwined with much of its beauty, Antigua has a tragic past. The former capital of Guatemala was nearly destroyed by two major earthquakes in the 1700’s and another as recently as 1976. Antigua is also flanked by three volcanoes one of which remains active (Volcán de Fuego).  There’s almost a beautiful yet fatalistic zeitgeist among the locals here that any day could be their last so they live everyday like it is their last – familiar words to live by yet such an alien concept to us New Yorkers. Our beautiful and generous couple Andrea and Andrew treated us like family and gave us their complete trust in capturing their dream wedding. They worked hard and had fun in the process of helping us nail the shots.  They saw what we were willing to do just to get different perspectives. Climb a boulder?  Not a problem. Scale a roof? Sure. Get our backs against the wall with a nest filled with angry wasps? Piece of cake. Lie down in a field of fire ants? What else you got for me? There was no doubt in Andrea’s mind that Antigua was the place where she wanted to get married.  Antigua had a deep personal significance to her as both her parents were born in Guatemala. The most inspiring experience of this trip for me was witnessing Andrea’s strength and determination as this dream wedding almost fell short of happening due to a serious illness that occurred a few weeks before. Thankfully she made a quick recovery in time but she was still in a lot of pain. You almost couldn’t tell how much pain she was in as she intrepidly climbed boulders at the ruins (with a little help of course) and walked down cobblestone streets in heels. We started the first day with portraits at the beautiful ruins of La Recolección followed by a Trash-the-Dress session at our hotel’s swimming pool (Porta Hotel Antigua).  The rehearsal dinner took place that night at the beautiful Casa Rosal villa.  The wedding ceremony was held at the breathtaking ruins of San José El Viejo and the reception followed at the Porta Hotel Antigua. The hardest part was leaving, saying goodbye to both the city and the couple I fell in love with.  When do we do this again?

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Natasha Singh -

After viewing these images, I’ve decided that I’ll be getting married at the same location! …no idea to whom and when but I’m hiring YOU!

Dave Paek -

You’re too kind Natasha!

David Pun -


Dave Paek -

Thanks David Pun.

Dan Dalstra -

I love that city. Shot my very first destination wedding there. Oh how I wish I could do it all over again. Gorgeous pics, man. You killed it.

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Daniel Diaz -

Can’t wait to go back and shoot another wedding there with you amigo. Dave + Daniel team!

Andrew Stephen -

I still cannot believe the pictures you took. Still the highlight of our wedding! You guys are incredible! You and Daniel both!! Maybe we’ll renew our vows already next year just so we can do round 2 asap.

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